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Jitterbeans(Crackheads2) Now Available at All Casey's General Stores!

by John on January 3rd, 2011 at 4:38 PM  1 Comment

Happy Holidays everyone,

We are happy to announce Jitterbeans(Crackheads2) is now available at all of Casey's General Store convenience stores! Woopie! Go get your 600mg of Caffeine and solve the paradoxes in your life with ease :)


(Click Image to find Locations)


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by John on December 3rd, 2008 at 8:31 PM  4 Comments

Hello hello,

Finally we have our new product(s) launched. There is a sister website for our product, Jitterbeans(tm), which is the same as the Crackheads2 product but marketed in a different way. These new products provide a delicious rich chocolate and coffee taste, along with a huge caffeine kick. Crackheads2 will help motivate you throughout your do no matter what you do. The problems in dealing with hot liquid coffee and odd tasking energy drinks is over. Enjoy a pick-me-up anytime, anywhere!

Each box of Crackheads2(tm) / Jitterbeans(tm) contains the approximate equivalent of 6 cups of coffee, 7.5 energy drinks, or 11 cans of cola!

You will also notice more changes to the website in the next week or so as we update each section with new Crackheads2 information.

Please let us know if you have any questions,


EDIT: Dec 3rd, 2008: Crackheads2 is available at 550 F.Y.E stores across the United States as well as many of the retailers that currently carry Crackheads. The list will be updated soon, we have become professional jugglers lately....Sort of. Lookup your nearest F.Y.E location here

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We're now in F.Y.E Stores!

by John on December 3rd, 2008 at 8:29 PM  0 Comments

St. Nick is coming up!

If you are looking for a delicious, unique, caffeinated gift this holiday season look no further than your local F.Y.E store! F.Y.E is now carrying Crackheads and Crackheads2 at most of their locations.

Stop in and buy a box, your friends are saying thank you already!

F.Y.E Logo

To find a location near you click here

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Crackheads caffeine re-test, martinis, website updates

by John on August 14th, 2008 at 1:21 PM  1 Comment

Hello there,

Amongst other things the caffeine of Crackheads was re-tested and is actually pulling an average of 200mg per box. That is about 2.5 8 ounce Red Bulls or 2 cups of coffee per box. The caffeine level per box depends on the amount of white chocolate vs. dark chocolate pieces in each container. So, for all you caffeine junkies out there eat up!

Also Crackheads make a delightful chocolate martini addition. Crushed Crackheads on top melt into the drink and make it neural numbingly good. Be sure to use decent grade alcohol to avoid the noid(hangovers) the next day.

There will be some website changes happening; some clearance sweatshirts with the old logo, updating retail locations, news page, etc. eventually. Also we are proud to have sponsored the Fragapalooza LAN in Canada last week.

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New Packaging!

by John on May 15th, 2008 at 8:55 AM  1 Comment


We have new packaging finally released. There is also a holiday 8-pack that will be released soon that is a large novelty size box of Crackheads with 8 individual boxes contained inside. The bestest stocking stuffer ever!

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