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Welcome, interested in trying some Crackheads®? We offer two options, a sampler 3-pack, or the store 12 count display trays. Please have a look below and contact us with any questions. Enjoy!

In the summer months we ice pack the 12-count trays and ship regular Fedex-Ground. The product may melt if left in the sun, we suggest using expedited Fedex shipping, which has an additional fee associated with it. Please e-mail use at Info@Osmanium.com after your order to arrange.

For international orders additional shipping charges apply. Please e-mail us.

Mmm... Candy

Display (12) $39.00 $31.20 Save 20%!
1 display tray of Crackheads2 (squared)®. Each display contains 12 delectable boxes of Crackheads2® (squared). That is over 72 cups of coffee worth of Caffeine! Equivalent to $0.49 per cup of coffee, what a deal! Enjoy Crackheads2® at                                                breakfast, lunch, dinner, and definitely not before bed.

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Display (12) $39.00 $31.20 Save 20%!
1 display tray of Crackheads®. Each display contains 12 delectable boxes of Crackheads®. Enjoy Crackheads® any time, any where, and blurt out those tongue-twisters that much faster.

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Crackheads2 T-Shirt $15.00 T-shirts right from the goodness of Milwaukee straight to your torso. Chocolate brown color



Wholesale Information

Interested in selling Crackheads® in your store(s)? Please give us a call or contact us here with the subject, Wholesale and we will be happy to have someone send you some information.

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